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Solar Franklin Wrentham, MA. Eastern MA

Solar Power – Franklin and Wrentham MA, and Eastern MA

We cover the costs. You pay nothing for the installation and maintenance of a $30,000 to $60,000 solar panel system. As you do now with your utility, you just pay by the kwh, but at 1/2 the rate, and eventually 1/3 the rate.

Vivint Solar has over 11,000 Massachusetts solar homes! We are the largest home solar installer in Massachusetts.

Buying, financing, and leasing solar makes selling homes difficult. Our Power Purchase Agreement is simple for a home buyer and realtor to understand. Vivint Solar has had over 1,500 homes quickly sold, so far. Call me to set up a meeting and a site survey. Do you really want to needlessly pay $1,000s to your utility for a simple commodity like electricity? Our installed 77,000 homeowners think otherwise. 

Your electric bills have been going up an average of 11% / year over the past 10 years. If that continues, your bill will double in only 8 years. Remember this year’s 21% hike and last year’s 37% hike? Maybe your bill will double in 6 or 7 years.

ART DERFALL – 978-408-8280  Call me today.    

Art’s Google+ page Note: Most solar power companies will not be in business in 3 years. You need to be valued in the $billions to survive. One well-known company has already closed. Who would maintain your system over the years? Don’t take a chance…call me.

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It’s a quick introduction to Vivint Solar, its unique Pay Less for Power™ marketing program, appreciative customers, and our wonderful staff. Vivint Solar is one of the few solar energy companies where the installers are employees and not sub-contractors. There’s a link at the bottom of the page that will bring you to the official Vivint Solar website. We need to meet now and schedule a site survey if you want to be solar electric as quickly as possible. It takes 4 or 5 months. and all steps in the process cost you nothing.      Call me. ART  978-408-8280.

Vivint Solar/Sun Edison can now install to 125% of your last 12 months usage. The excess production can go to a neighbor, friend, or a charity. This is dependent on your roof size, sunlight received, and your electric bill. It’s likely that we are the only company doing this. Usually, designs are done to the 90% level.


The Boston Globe: Sierra Club sues energy companies. 5,800 earthquakes in Oklahoma in 2015. Fracking brings natural gas to New England utilities. Click HERE to read the article.

Saugus sees sudden spike in solar installations

Posted: Saturday, February 23, 2013 12:00 am |Updated: 9:59 am, Mon Jul 22, 2013. By Matt Tempesta / The Daily Item SAUGUS — Saugus is in the midst of a “solar boom,” according to building inspector Fred Varone, as more than 40 building permits have been filed in the last few months to add solar panels to homes around town. “This one here is a $29,000 solar system and they’re doing this for the people for nothing,” said Varone as he flipped through a stack of new permits. “Here’s another one, this one is for $14,000, this one is for $35,000 …” A home on Parsons Avenue is having a $45,000 system installed while a $49,000 system is being installed on a home on Seagirt Avenue, according to town records. Varone said the spike in solar installations came out of nowhere. “This is all of a sudden,” he said. “This is all coming in at once and it’s happening monthly now. This solar energy is out of control.” Oceanview Avenue resident Daniel Ehlers said work was wrapping up on his solar array Friday afternoon, which he said took just four hours to install 11 panels. “It will generate 80 percent of what I’m currently using …” he said. Ehlers said the panels will reduce his monthly bill by about $25 per month. “It adds up over time,” said Ehlers. But while the permit fees range from anywhere from $250 to $540, a permit to install a $720,000 system at Kohl’s Department Store on Route 1 could fetch the town a $17,000 fee. Vivint Solar, a Provo, Utah company, is the name listed on most of the permits, except for Kohl’s, which is being done by Pro-Tech Energy Solutions. Jason Deelstra, marketing director for Vivint, said representatives go door to door to install panels, which he said can work for up to 80 percent of homes. Deelstra said once the panels are installed, the resident pays Vivint for the portion of the energy generated by the panels, while the rest is paid to the regular utility. Deelstra said Vivint charges 12 cents per kilowatt hour. “We go door to door and provide this option for customers to be able to have solar installed at their home,” said Deelstra. “Solar can sometimes be a daunting thought … We send out our consultants and they provide information on this option for these homeowners.” Sandra Tozza lives on Saugus Avenue and said she and her husband, James, are waiting for the electrical inspector to check out their system, which has 23 panels. “I can’t wait for it to start,” she said. “It’s in the back part of the house and it’s neatly done. They’re very efficient and they do a good job. The first year they said it’s going to be a little bit of savings, but not a lot. But as the years go on you start saving more. It’s for nothing. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always wanted solar panels.” Matt Tempesta can be reached at mtempesta@itemlive.com. —————————————————————– VIVINT SOLAR INSTALLATIONS have a low profile and and a finished lip at the lower edge. Compare the photo below with the one in Saugus solar article above. solar-power-MA

More than 40 Saugus, MA residents have applied for permits.

For More Information

Get a lot more information on Vivint Solar by clicking  HERE.

Call me, Art Derfall, at 978-408-8280 with questions or to set an appointment.

We have solar power home installations near you to see in Franklin, MA and surrounding towns. Vivint Solar has over 6,000 installations. Vivint Solar is installing more residential solar systems in MA than any other solar company.


Vivint Solar in the news:

Business Wire, February 4, 2013: Vivint Solar is changing the way people power their homes, and is one of the nation’s fastest growing solar photovoltaic providers. Customers save money on energy through a power purchase agreement (PPA), in which customers agree to purchase power from Vivint Solar at rates significantly lower than their typical power bill. In exchange, Vivint Solar designs, installs, and maintains the solar energy system for free, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of renewable solar energy without a large, up-front investment. Forbes Lists:  Vivint Solar   #46 America’s Most Promising Companies (2013) Slate.com  October 7,2014 Vivint Solar is active in seven states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.) The company sold 2,669 systems in 2012, 10,521 systems in 2013, and another 8,625 in the first half of 2014. All told, the company has placed panels on about 21,900 houses in less than four years, with a collective capacity of 129.7 megawatts.

 The Boston Globe, October 11, 2014 “…National Grid’s announcement on Sept. 24 that its winter rates would jump 37 percent over those of the previous winter, adding more than $30 a month to the average residential bill. The state’s other major utility, Northeast Utilities, has yet to file its winter rates, but it expencts prices to rise, too.” “…solar power has grown beyond the most optimistic projections.” “…Massachusetts already has some of the highest electric rates in the country.”

Solar Power Panels producing electricity in Franklin, MA and Eastern MA. Vivint Solar.